Innovation & Experiment




S.No Innovation and Experimentation ( give a suitable title with a link to give more insight into the work) Class and Subject Learning objectives initially envisaged Learning objectives realised or not Name of innovator/ Experimenter with designation
1 Effectiveness of dictation in the teaching of English  Class 1. Good orthographic Under experimentation Mr.Venkataramana
II 2. listening - writing  interaction 
2011-2012 3. Better learning abilities
Same batch Class III  4. Speaking �writing interaction
2012-2013 5. Ensure better reading habits
  6. productive skills of speaking, reading ,orthography
Action research a two- year project  
2 Digito-lingual library All classes To develop  the language skills like listening , speaking, Reading etc.,  Yes  Mr.T.Ravindernath
3   IV A 1Importance and usage of new words. Yes realised Mrs. T. Gladys 
Building vocabulary    
Language games like English 2. Thinking skill is developed.
2.Kangroo words   3. Understandind & appreciation of language.
3.Making new words from a given word.    
4. Film on Akhita and the bee was shown.    
4 Time and Tide wait for none. IV B Maths 1. Realising the importance of time taken for a task. Yes realised Mrs. Ruksana Begum
 Realising the value of time management. Finding the train timing and seeing which one reaches first at a particular place  (calculation)    2. Students learn to do work in time.
5 Introduction of Number System. I B 1.Develop counting ability in children Yes realised Mrs Y. Jyothi
1. Number game (grouping of children). 2.Conceptual Understanding of the Number system
2. Games with concrete objects like beads, marbles etc.   
6 Listen and Create a sketch  III B Hindi 1. Thinking skill is developed. Yes realised Mrs. Anuradha Tiwari
1. Drawing a picture / sketch by listening to a description of a picture. 2. Vocabulary is increased.
2. Compare with the actual picture and evaluate. 3.Creativity and imagination power is enhanced
7 Repeated addition is multiplication. II A Maths 1.Increases the ability in computation Yes realised Mrs. Manjulata
Prepared maths lesson on power point presentation on repeated addition  2.learn easily in play way method
8   V B Hindi 1.Learn the varieties of rice and its cost. Yes realised Mrs. Sarita Nigam
Other food products of rice 2.Learn the importance of rice for our health
9  Badam ka Harira  V A Hindi 1. Learn the types of dry fruits. Yes realised Mrs. Abhilasha Awasthi
2. Know the importance of dry fruits.